Aldo Breda - Business Coach

“Aldo is an amazing sales trainer with a wealth of knowledge and many years of experience.”

Asif Ali, Commercial Partnership Manager, London

“Aldo is an exceptional trainer, coach and mentor who was highly regarded by sales people and sales managers.”

Matt Barham, eBay Classifieds Group, UK

“Aldo was the most inspirational and motivational trainer I have worked with in over 18 years within a sales environment.”

Steve Moore, UK Business Development & SMART Systems Lead
Goodrington, Devon UK

“For Business Professionals by Business Professionals”

Aldo Breda Training & Development provides Sales Training, Coaching & Consultancy services for business professionals.

Here you can access details of our services and methods to help with:

Persuasion & Influencing

Develop better professional relationships

Deliver more memorable presentations

Resolve conflicts easily

Hold more productive meetings

Communicate confidently and with conviction

Sales & Sales Management

Engage with customers easily

Build compelling business cases

Enhance your pitch & demonstrate your value

Win more repeat business

Build & Manage a high performing sales team

Executive Coaching

Enhance personal performance

Manage stressful situations

Develop new skills

Define, Plan and focus on personal goals

Learn strategies for lasting results

Our Methods

All our training and coaching methods are designed towards getting the results our clients want.

Whether this is a company wide program or a one to one coaching session we always aim to understand what is important to you and design sessions with that focus.

Our sessions are both practical and pragmatic.

You will be applying, sharing and developing techniques and strategies to deal with real world situations that can be easily applied in the workplace.

Our Sessions

The session outlines on this site serve as examples of the courses we run.

We put every effort into ensuring that the content, design and delivery are bespoke to your business and focussed on the specific needs of your people.

Importantly we always deliver our sessions to fit around your business timescales.

Your Results

We are always available to track and discuss progress and work with you along the way.

Making sure that learning “sticks” is very important to all our clients.

We aim to help you to develop skills and aptitudes that you will be able to apply long after any training and coaching sessions.

Find out how Aldo Breda can make a difference to your business

What our clients say...

“Aldo is an amazing sales trainer with a wealth of knowledge and many years of experience.

I have been to many training sessions over the years and Aldo’s bespoke sessions and delivery are second to none.

He has helped me develop my skills across my career and given me the knowledge and understanding to progress.

I would highly recommend Aldo to anyone!”

Asif Ali
Commercial Partnership Manager
London, United Kingdom

What our clients say...

“Aldo is an exceptional trainer, coach and mentor who was highly regarded by sales people and sales managers.

Aldo’s ability to offer the most relevant advice and coaching based on target market, the value proposition and the skills and experience of the sales teams he is working with is a key strength. All too often sales training is too prescriptive and delivered on a one size fits all basis – this was never the case with Aldo.”

Matt Barham
General Manager – UK, eBay Classifieds Group
United Kingdom

What our clients say...

“Aldo was without date the most inspirational and motivational trainer I have worked with in over 18 years within a sales environment.

His methods of training the individual to do achieve well and improve skills for themselves had a knock on effect of them doing well for the company.

An approachable, reliable, personable and honest gentlemen I would have no reservations in working with Aldo again should the opportunity arise.”

Steve Moore
UK Business Development & SMART Systems Lead
Goodrington, Devon, United Kingdom

What our clients say...

“Aldo is terrific at fostering belief and confidence in salespeople, whether they’re new hires or just experienced professionals in need of a boost.

His classroom and side by side manner are professional, enthusiastic and measurably effective.”

Joe Slavin
Consultant, Business Advisor, Investor, Mentor, NED

What our clients say...

“Having worked with numerous coaches I can safely say that Aldo is on another level.
His coaching has helped me both on a personal and professional level and enabled me to achieve a high-performance state on multiple projects and assignments. I can’t recommend him highly enough.”

Pedro Martins, Board Director,
Total Media (£100m billing agency & one of UK’s Top 5 independent Media Agency.)

What our clients say...

“I have been fortunate enough to work with Aldo on a number of occasions and he has provided me with different levels of training over a number of roles as I progressed through my previous company.

His industry knowledge is second to none and has the patience and expertise to work and engage with entry level sales people through to senior sales staff.

I would highly recommend Aldo for any company looking to increase efficiency, sales process and sales revenues of their workforce.”

Dan Belcher
Ad Agency Account Manager at
United Kingdom

What our clients say...

“Aldo is a world class Sales Trainer with a personable, trustworthy and detailed attitude that is rarely found.

Following working with him it has provided myself and my team with the tools to increase our overall effectiveness to provide a fantastic increase in results month on month.

His expert application to our individual industry has been fantastically received which can be seen very clearly in the overall results.”

Oliver Bainbridge
Sales Manager at CV-Library Ltd
London, United Kingdom

What our clients say...

“He is by far the best sales trainer I’ve had in any company. Not only did he make the group training fun and interesting, the thing that Aldo brings to his training, which I haven’t seen any other trainer do is teach you about the psychology of selling and different ways to approach each prospect. He didn’t train us with a “pitch” or clever one-liners. He taught me how to ask a series of logical questions, from general to specific, that are ideally suited to the prospect and come up with a product which would benefit the client.

Not only was Aldo fantastic in the group training, but he worked closely with me on a day to day basis. Giving me advice, helping me strengthen areas I was finding difficulty. He’s always there to offer you advice if you need help.”

Amit Basu
Global Reporting Analyst at Kinetic Worldwide

What our clients say...

“I worked with Aldo many times and on a number of projects always provides invaluable training support which had a positive and material affect on my teams sales results, helping them to achieve their goals and revenue targets.

I was always impressed with Aldo’s calm confidence, attention to detail, his real passion for training, his commitment to delivering high quality training and support , and most importantly, his ability to create engaging and relevant training programmes, which actually made a difference!”

Stewart Black
Head of Sales – HomeAway Holiday Rentals

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