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Negotiation Skills

Negotiating for best outcomes

Negotiations take place throughout our working lives whether the negotiation be on behalf of our companies, ourselves or for a third party. This highly interactive and practical workshop explores the negotiating process from all sides and allows participant to practice and develop key skills and attitudes to negotiate successfully.

By the end of this workshop delegates will be able to:

Understand the process of negotiation and influencing factors

Assess possible outcomes and objectives

Identify, deal with and implement negotiating tactics

Handle ‘tough’ negotiators

Pave the way to a successful outcome

Workshop Overview

Effective Preparation before Negotiating 

Types of Negotiations

Negotiating Styles and Behaviour

Presenting and Responding to Proposals

How to Handle Objections and Difficulties

Building and Maintaining Relationships for Future Success

What our clients say…

“Most definitely the most effective and efficient sales trainer I have come across during my professional career. If you want some who can makes overcoming obstacles look easy…I haven’t met anyone make it look this easy. Aldo is someone who can really lift spirits and motivate with his outstanding qualities in wisdom, energy, passion and determination. I feel that Aldo really understands the whole concept of the general sales process/cycle and will show you “how to get things done.”

Nabil Gamal-Eldin, Business Development Manager