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Face to Face Selling

Who Should Attend And Why

This training programme is designed for field sales people and sales people who sell in a face to face environment.

This workshop aims to take people new to selling face to face and people with up to one year’s sale experience through “best practice “ techniques which help make the most of every sales opportunity.

Workshop Outline

Preparation, Planning and getting the most out of meetings

Getting the appointments and influencing the decision making process

Position and present your solution to add real value to your customers

Recognise buying signals, overcome objections and know when to close

Persuasive Language patterns that deliver your message smoothly and effectively

Learning the “right way” to interpret body language and other non verbal communications

What our clients say…

The best thing about Aldo is the quality and style of the training delivered. His real passion for delivering top notch training and support was second to none.

This is whether it was training new starters and getting them straight up to speed or move advanced NLP training with some of the more senior sales people.

The training was always engaging and all the sales consultants would look forward to the sessions with Aldo.”
Martyn Hird, Sales Manager